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Juuso Koivisto

CEO / Cinematographer / Editorjuuso@bonafidecreatives.fi

Santtu Koivisto

Graphic Designer / Cinematographer / Editorsanttu@bonafidecreatives.fi

Ville Karasjoki

Cinematographer / Editor / Gafferville@bonafidecreatives.fi
There’s one thing everyone knows me for, and it’s my smile. Even the biggest obstacles seem less daunting when you face them with a positive outlook. This attitude easily inspires people and keeps the projects on track even when facing long hours and tight deadlines. I keep on my game by constantly challenging myself and pushing the limits on what I can do. Improvement doesn’t come from doing the same thing over and over again but doing it better every time. For me feeling happy means enjoying my life in every moment, so I’m blessed to have a job like this.
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I just enjoy art that combines moving picture and sound. Simple as that. Exploring fresh ways to do that is a lifelong task for me. The best part of working with different kind of people is getting inspired by that unique atmosphere they create, which evolves the way we think. I’m trying to learn as much as I can in every field of my work to better understand the bigger picture. That’s why I’m so involved in music, movies and visual arts.
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If one thing’s deeply embedded in me, it’s that I care for the people around me and want them to feel safe and strong. My friends also know me for my forced puns and neverending barrage of jokes. I have this innate drive to go forward and I reflect a lot on what I can do to improve every day. What I did yesterday I can do better today. In a teamworking enviroment this makes me usually the driving force and playmaker. What can WE do better tomorrow? I like to keep my surroundings clear and it’s pretty easy for me to figure out how to accomplish the goal safe, fast and efficient.
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